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    ASCOM has been named as one of the Top 250 privately held companies in the midstate for 2015!

  • About ASCOM

    ASCOM Electric is a locally-owned leader for Electricians in York County. Since 1988, ASCOM has specialized in design-build electrical construction projects, as well as industrial and commercial electric and residential.

    Jeff Georg, President, has been involved with construction, project management, and land procurement and development for over 19 years. He is a Certified Green Professional through the National Association of Home Builders and a LEED Green Associate. He is responsible for ASCOM's business growth and development and project management.
    Ed McDaniel, Vice President, has been with ASCOM since 1991. He is a Master Electrician, and is OSHA certified. He has achieved NABCEP certification as a Solar PV Installer, and is an approved installer for the PA State Sunshine Program. He remains ASCOM's solar-electricity expert.
    Kurt Geisinger, Estimator, has been with ASCOM since 2005. He is a Master Electrician, and is OSHA certified. He also serves as the first year instructor for the IEC Apprenticeship Program. Kurt is an approved Solar Thermal Installer (hot water) for the PA State Sunshine Program. He applies his knowledge and skill in estimating electrical projects of all sizes. He has also been named an IEC National 40 Under 40 award winner for 2015. 

    Some of Our Satisfied Customers

    Capital Self Storage - www.capitalselfstorage.com
    Dorgan and Zuck - -www.dorganandzuck.com
    Hogg Construction- www.hoggconstruction.com
    John Dotzel Construction- www.johnmdotzelbuilder.com
    Kinsley Construction- www.rkinsley.com
    Normandie Ridge- www.normandierisge.org
    Stewart and Tate Construction- www.stewartandtate.com
    York Central Market- www.centralmarketyork.com
    York Jewish Community Center- www.yorkjcc.org
    SpiriTrust Lutheran- spiritrustlutheran.org
  • Who are we?

    ASCOM Electric is a locally-owned leader for Electricians in York County. Since 1988, ASCOM has specialized in design-build electrical construction projects, as well as industrial and commercial electric and residential electric.  Other specialties include generator installationsolar installation, charging docks for electrical vehicles, and voice/data cable installation.
    ASCOM Electric is a proud member of the Central PA IEC.  Our apprentices attend a four year educational program to obtain their Journeyman qualification.  ASCOM is a locally-owned business known as a leader for Electricians in York County with over 100 years of electrical contracting experience. Since 1988, ASCOM Electric has specialized in design-build electrical construction projects, as well as industrial and commercial electric and residential electric.  Other specialties include generator installationsolar installation, and voice/data cable installation. 
  • Commercial / Industrial

     Ascom Electric works with businesses and General Contractors in York, PA to provide maintenance, remodeling, new and design-build construction and tenant fit-outs.  Our commercial electricians also provide bucket truck and thermal image testing services.  This service detects hot spots and loose connections that could result in costly damage to equipment and periods of downtime. Contact us  for more information on our commercial electric services
    We are proud to be leading Industrial and Commercial Electricians in York, PA. From churches and banks to nursing homes and health care facilities, our team is prepared to handle the largest electrical projects. 
  • Residential 

    ASCOM Electric has served as residential electricians for York County and the surrounding areas for the past 25 years.  We have experience with remodeling, new construction and design-build electric.  From the smallest repair or addition, to a brand new multi-million dollar home, we can service any size project. Specific electrical services include:
    Cable Outlets
    Surge Protectors
    Charging Docks for electrical vehicles
  • Solar Installation

    Looking for Solar?

    Looking for Solar Panel Installation?
    We have been installing solar panels in York County for several years, making this service available to both homes and businesses. Among the many projects include a 100 panel installation at the New Eastern Market in Springettsbury Township. 
    Solar systems can significantly reduce your energy consumption and monthly electric bill. We have been installing solar panels in York County for several years, making this service available to both homes and businesses. Among the many projects include a 100 panel installation at the New Eastern Market in Springettsbury Township. 
    Did you know you might be eligible for Federal and State solar installation rebates and incentive programs?
    Learn more about solar programs and rebates:
    PA Sunshine Solar Program Solar Energy Rebates PA Public Utility Commission
    Or Contact us for more information on solar installation. 
    Did you know you might be eligible for Federal and State solar installation rebates? 
  • Kohler Generator

    Generator Installation

    Protect your home or business from power outages with a Kohler brand generator installation by ASCOM Electric. Generators provide a seemingly uninterruptible power supply to your critical loads which could include: general lighting, climate control systems, refrigeration, home security systems and even sump pumps.


    Did you know that flooding caused by sump pump failure during power outages is likely not covered by your homeowner’s insurance?


    Protect your sump pump during thunderstorms and other power outages. Click here to find out more.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Electrician FAQs
    1.How much do you charge?
    All estimates are free. Contact us for a free estimate. 
    2.Do you do small residential electric or large commercial electric?
    We provide service to both homes and businesses, any size job from receptacles to new home construction, and design-build commercial/ industrial projects. Please refer to our residential electric page and our commercial electric page for more information. 
    3. Why should I use a licensed electrician?
    Licensed Electricians, like ASCOM Electric, are regulated and certified by the state of PA. Unlicensed electricians are not subject to the laws protecting customers, nor does home owner’s insurance cover damages that they cause. Our PA Contractor Registration # is PA6092.
    4.What forms of payment do you accept?
    ASCOM Electric accepts cash or checks.
    5.How do I know if I need an electrical permit?
    Whether or not your need an electrical permit depends on your project. Something such as installing new electrical wiring will likely need a permit, while replacing an electrical outlet may not. ASCOM Electric will pull permits for the work needed. 
    6.I reset my breaker, but my power is still out. 
    In order to reset the breaker, you must make sure you firmly press the breaker into the off position and then back to the on position. If your power still remains out, contact ASCOM Electric
    7.What are the warning signs of electrical fires?
    •Recurring problems with blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers.
    •Flickering lights.
    •A burning smell or unusual odor near appliances or wiring.
    •A sizzling sound at wall switches or outlets.
    •Appliances that deliver a slight shock when touched
    These warning signs may mean the circuit is overloaded, which can cause electrical fires. If you are experiencing any of these problems, contact ASCOM Electric for a free estimate. 
    8.Can I do electrical work myself?
    Electrical work is not only dangerous, but can be expensive to repair if done improperly. If you do not have the skill level to handle your electrical job, contact ASCOM Electric for a free estimate. 
    9.Some of my outlets or lights work, but others don’t. Why is this happening?
    One possibility is that these outlet or lights are on a different circuit than the others. Another possibility is that the outlet is bad. Reset all of the breakers and if it still doesn’t work, contact ASCOM Electric to replace it. 

    Solar Installation FAQs

    1.How much does a solar electric system cost?
    The costs of a solar installation depend on several factors including the number and type of panels installed. Contact us for a free solar analysis estimate to find out how a solar electric system can benefit you. 
    2.Can I receive rebates or incentives for installing Solar Panels?
    State and Federal government provide programs and rebates for solar panel installation. Check out our Solar Installation page for specific programs or contact us for more information. 
    3.How much money can I save by installing Solar Panels?
    By installing solar panels, you can potentially save up to your entire electric bill. This depends on several factors including how much electricity your home or business uses and the cost of electricity in your area.  In addition, you will receive revenue from Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) generation sales.  Contact us for more information.
    4.What is a Solar Renewable Energy Credit?
    A Solar Renewable Energy Credit or SREC is a tradable, non-tangible energy commodity that represents proof that 1 megawatt-hour (1,000 kWh) of solar electricity has been generated.  SRECs are normally compiled by an Aggregator (or SREC broker) who has relationships with Electricity Generators, such as Met-Ed or PPL.  
    Electricity Generators are required by law to have a percentage of their overall production come from Solar Energy.  Instead of buying their own land and covering it with their own Solar Arrays, they purchase SRECs from home and business owners.  These SRECs are then proof that they have met their Solar Production requirements.  If they do not purchase enough SRECs from consumers, fines and penalties are levied against them.
    Most residential Solar Arrays are capable of generating between 3-12 SRECs per year, depending on the size of the array.  (how many panels are producing electricity.)
    5.Are you licensed to install Solar Panels?
    ASCOM Electric is licensed to install solar panels for your home or business. We have done numerous projects in this field, including a 100 panel installation at the New Eastern Market in York, PA, and over 50+ home installations. 
    6.What is photovoltaic s?
    Photovoltaics is the science of converting solar radiation into electricity through solar panels. This process is known as the photo-electric effect.
    7.Are solar panels producing electricity even when it’s cloudy?
    Yes, however, less energy is produced than on a bright sunny day. 
    8.Can I run my whole home or business on solar energy?
    Potentially, yes.  A free solar analysis will determine your current electricity consumption level.  A solar array can then be sized according to your need. Contact us for a free estimate.
    9.How much power do solar panels produce?
    That depends on the type of panel, and how many are used.  On average, most solar panels are rated between 175 watts and 235 watts.
  • Powering it Forward

    ASCOM 2017 Powering it Forward Campaign

    ASCOM's commitment to giving back to our community.
    ASCOM's "Powering it Forward" Award for 2017 was the York County FOP Lodge 73 Shooting Range. We are proud to have donated labor and materials to wire a new range house for the County's FOP Range. Now our Local Law Enforcement Officers have a great new place to practice their skills. We are always looking for worthy projects for our annual "Powering it Forward" Award. Your project could be next. Apply today!!!!
    This is part of ASCOM’s commitment to giving back to our community.
    The “Powering it Forward” award is an annual award for labor and materials for up to $2,500 worth of electrical work. It is awarded to a worthy organization or deserving individual.
    Applications are received through July 1st of each calendar year and are reviewed confidentially. “Winners” of the award are contacted directly.
    Contact ASCOM at 292-9323 for an application!
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    Surge Protectors
    Circuit Breakers
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